Meet Wild Inanda

I had always loved crystals as a child, and spent many summer days searching for fossils on the beach with my Gran, hours and hours spent hunting the sand for that one intact ammonite to take home and add to my box of crystal treasures. 
As an adult, I was still obsessed, and not a crystal or fossil shop would get past me on our travels. But I'd often find myself looking at incredible crystals online, wishing I could add them to my collection, but with no way of buying them here in the UK, my collection was never quite as good as those I saw online. I decided it was time to create my own crystal space online, and Wild Inanda was born. 
The name "Wild Inanda" represents my love for nature "Wild" and the strong women that have come before me in my Family "Inanda" being one of my great ancestors from Norway. With a background in design I was able to create my logo to represent those early memories of searching for ammonites on the beach.
Since 2014 I have been sourcing crystals from all over the world, selecting the most beautiful and unique that I can find to bring to my corner of the internet and share with you. Sending my precious finds all over the world, to my lovely customers, fills me with joy, and I am honoured to share our crystal journey together 
Love and light
Natasha, Wild Inanda