Serving of Aura Quartz raw points
Serving of Aura Quartz raw points
Wild Inanda

Serving of Aura Quartz raw points

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You will receive one serving of these aura quartz points which is approximately 40g in total. The photo shows an example of what you could receive, but please note if bigger or smaller pieces are in the serving the amount of individual pieces will vary.

It's said angel aura quartz is the stone to help and focus you on your spiritual path 

The aura is created by bonding traces of precious metals gold and iridium in a vacuum. Combing the natural element of the precious metal and the crystal. Aura enhances the properties of the original crystal 

These are part of my crystal pick'n'mix range, why not create your own bespoke mix! Anything purchased from this range will be put into a little star and moon bag, with one scoop of my Wild Inanda crystal chip mix.