Fake blue fluorite?!

I know what you're thinking, surely they are not faking one of the most common crystals now? Well yes and no, we all know that blue fluorite has a higher value, well lately there has been a whole new level of blue fluorite hitting the market. 

This blue fluorite is in fact fluorite, however it has been treated with gamma rays to turn our "normal" fluorite into this deep intense almost glass looking blue!

Of course we know there are crystals on the market that are often treated to intensify the colour, and often it can happen in nature too, but the problem with this is, is that it is being sold with the value of blue fluorite, when in fact it is just normal rainbow fluorite that has been treated. 

The image below shows a beautiful natural fluorite slab I had last summer in my store, the blue looks a lot less "artificial" here and as you can see with the other colours, unlike the points above, they are bright and vibrant too.

As it is a new trend hitting the market, I'm sure it will be something that we learn about as we go along. Like I always say if you like a treated crystal, go for it, there are no rules! But nobody wants to be tricked and scammed either! 

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