What are aura crystals?

aura crystals crystals

Love them or hate them? Aura crystals really are something else! with that irridescent sheen they really catch the eye. But many people aren't quite sure what "aura" actually is. 

Aura is not a natural process, its a coating added to a real crystal stone. The aura coating is created by bonding particles of precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver in a vacuum, this gives it the beautiful iridescent sheen. Some people see it as a man made stone because of this process, however my view is that it has bonded two natural precious elements to create a super stone! Aura is said to emphasis the metaphysical properties of the original crystal.  

Make sure to be wary of fake aura stones, some stones have been coated with what is almost a nail varnish! True aura is an expensive process, this is a cheap imitation. I always stock a huge variety of Aura Crystals on my website as I absolutely love it, so make sure to check out my high quality Aura Collection 

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